We Can Help Your Business Stand Out From The Crowd

Our Six Magazines are read from cover to cover and kept as a handy reference guide until the next one arrives. Our advertising works! It could be working for your business too!
Placing your advert needn’t be another pain that take up hours of your time. We don’t expect you to design the advert or know exactly what to put in the advert. Just have a basic idea and we can it from there for you.
We specialise in dealing with small businesses who don’t have marketing departments. When you call, we don’t just try to sell you the biggest advert we can. Indeed we will even recommend a smaller advert than you were initially thinking of if we think that will be a better solution for you. Because if you run an advert that works a) you will advertise again and b) you will tell other people that it worked. In other words we would rather have you as a customer for life than go for a short term win.
  • Our prices are affordable for everyone – you can have a professionally designed advert in print from just £20.00 a month, +VAT and we take credit and debit cards.
  • Over 85% of our advertisers stay in every month and many have advertised with us every month for the past 18 months. They stay in because it is the most reliable and most cost effective way to get business in Flintshire In other words – It works!

How much does advertising cost?

Our rates vary based on what size advert you need, how long you want to stay in for, and whether or not you need a premium page. If you would like a copy of our media card just send us an email or give us a call.

What are the deadlines?

In general our deadline is about the 18th of the each month, Check the home page of our website for our deadline date countdown.

Do I have to design my own advert?

If you don’t have a graphic designer who can do it for you, our preference is that we do the design. Advert design is FREE with every booking. (one Free advert with each booking)

We only need you to provide words and your logo if you have one and we’ll do the rest. We will source industry logos for you e.g. GasSafe.

Can I design my own advert?

This of course is also perfectly acceptable! We only accept adverts in either high quality JPG (300dpi) or high Res print quality PDF format.

See our Rate Card below for advert sizes.

So the next step is just to give us a call: 01352 870 760