Dilshad Indian Dining and Takeout

Dilshad Indian Dining and Takeout

Dilshad Indian Dining and Takeout

Café Dilshad in Holywell is always a good place to eat it always has a welcoming feel to it. The décor is modern and simple and not understated which helps create a homely atmosphere. When entering it feels lively and busy even on a Wednesday evening when most restaurants are empty. Is it word of mouth? Or the brilliant new menu with signature dishes including Chocolate Korma or Piri Piri Chicken Balti.

Whilst we pondered over the vast menu dishes I decided to go for my favourite starter of King Prawn Puri I always like to go for a dish that I have frequently so I can use this as a benchmark to decide how good the restaurant is compared to others. A lot of restaurants have huge offerings but still struggle to nail the obvious dishes I always think an Indian restaurants show there worth by how well they do simple dishes on the menu. Reg decided on the Kebab roll. The poppadum’s arrived quickly with abundance of dips including Mango chutney, Chilli Chutney, Lime Pickle and onions and tomatoes. We polished these off swiftly and waited our starters in anticipation of the appetisers quality and taste.

The presentation of the starters was amazing and the aroma from the starters mouth-watering. Reg quickly tucked in and passed comment how delicious the Siekh Kebab was it was beautifully marinated with abundance of spices and came wrapped in a tradition Parathas it was also accompanied with side salad and Green Chutney. My starter also didn’t disappoint I can honestly say it was the best King Prawn Puri I have ever tasted the succulent prawns were covered in mildly spiced gravy which was sprinkled with fresh coriander and served over a puri.

We both went for the signature dishes Reg had Lamb Shashlick Bhuna and Me Bombay Badboy. Again presentation was outstanding especially my Bombay badboy that arrived sizzling on a hot plate. Our expectations were high after such delicious starters and we certainly were not disappointed the Lamb Shaslick Bhuna was beautiful the Lamb grilled on a Tandori accompanied with a thick tasty bhuna sauce with onions, peppers and tomatoes.

I had asked for a recommendation for a curry high on the scoville scale and the Bombay Badboy it was! Wow what a perfect recommendation my curry certainly packed some serious punch! This wasn’t detrimental to the overall flavour of the curry however, and the dish went down a storm with pila rice and garlic naan.

Café Dilshad excelled all our expectations with the new and exciting flavours of their new menu and an overall experience that’s anything but
generic. A special mention to Mo as the service was fantastic throughout he was attentive and friendly without ever overstepping the fine line into bothersome well done Café Dilshad an excellent Indian restaurant!

The Bill – Sunday 3 Course Meal £9.95 x 3 = £29.85 (No charge for drinks as you can take your own bottle of wine or beers) – Reviewed by Nicola White

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